In the variety of work I have done in my lifetime-from jury consulting, to teaching, interpreting and writing- there are three uniting threads: access, art and communication.

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Amelia : Forest Anew

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Sandra Faulkner


My writing is informed by various fields of study: Law, Dance, theater, Sociology and literature. The thread that runs through each of these disciplines and units them, is story.

I spent three years as Artist-in -Residence at the University of California's Shakespeare festival--- King Lear, Tempest and Macbeth were among the first plays I translated into American Sign Language. The challenge was to convey the meaning and grace of Shakespeare’s work into a language that was neither spoken nor written. Once the interpretation was completed, I had the good fortune to be able to perform the interpretation on stage, along side actors from Royal Shakespeare Company.(The project was supported by faculty research grants).

I earned a BA in Fine Arts before entering a Ph.D. program at Stanford University, where I spent four years as a student of Law and Sociology. For over a decade I worked as a jury consultant for high profile celebrity and complex corporate legal cases.
Even now, I will take on a case to keep current. I still find it a most interesting arena wherein endless dramas unfold.

In the end, however, my core identity is writer.

My first book, a national best seller, was based on a celebrity trial I worked on in Texas.


Children's Literature
A small chicken falls off the truck on the way to market and must find her way alone, and with the help of creatures in the forest, to a place located on the other-side of deep and dark “Forest Anew”. Things will be better once she reaches her destination. But first, she must travel her course to discover what it means to be free.
In this fast paced legal thriller, a female attorney, Morgan Jennings, 34, contests her father’s will. In the process she finds that he may have been responsible for several murders in and around the greater Seattle area. What begins as a search for justice becomes the journey of a lifetime. A character driven novel that explores procedural and primitive forms of justice and the ramifications of both upon the individual.