Sandra Faulkner


My writing is informed by various fields of study: Law, Dance, theater, Sociology and literature. The thread that runs through each of these disciplines and units them, is story.

I spent three years as Artist-in -Residence at the University of California's Shakespeare festival--- King Lear, Tempest and Macbeth were among the first plays I translated into American Sign Language. The challenge was to convey the meaning and grace of Shakespeare’s work into a language that was neither spoken nor written. Once the interpretation was completed, I had the good fortune to be able to perform the interpretation on stage, along side actors from Royal Shakespeare Company.(The project was supported by faculty research grants).

I earned a BA in Fine Arts before entering a Ph.D. program at Stanford University, where I spent four years as a student of Law and Sociology. For over a decade I worked as a jury consultant for high profile celebrity and complex corporate legal cases.
Even now, I will take on a case to keep current. I still find it a most interesting arena wherein endless dramas unfold.

In the end, however, my core identity is writer.

My first book, a national best seller, was based on a celebrity trial I worked on in Texas.